Photography in general is creative, but if the only creativity you are putting into your work is in the shot, you could be missing out. Enter the DIY. Photography gear can be outrageously expensive, but when you make your own, it can be laughably inexpensive.

The folks over at Pop Photo recently shared eight ways to build your own lighting accessories—and they are all certainly worth a look. You can make a snoot for less than $8 with a Pringles can or a lightbox from cardboard for about ten bucks. Or why not construct your own flash grid when it only costs less than a Big Mac? Perhaps you’ve come across these DIY projects before, but the ring light smartphone clip is new on the scene. And who wouldn’t want their very own light saber (great for light painting)? There’s also a DIY beauty dish that’s a little more pricey (you can find instructions for a $2 version here) but doesn’t even look homemade.

For the full instructions on all eight lighting accessories, visit Pop Photo’s DIY lighting hacks here.

Source: Pop Photo

Image: Brian Klutch

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