Knowing how to shoot excellent high-key photography in-studio is imperative for portrait photographers. But, knowing how to shoot excellent high-key photography just about anywhere will give you a competitive edge, of the David Copperfield variety. Magic tricks, baby, that’s what we’re all about!

In a previous article, we raved about Dom Bower’s “Low-Key Photography Anywhere” video. This time, Dom Bower brings us “High-Key Photography Anywhere,” although we’re not so sold on the “anywhere” part.

First off, you need your camera, two external flashes on stands, an umbrella, and a wall. Still, he does a great job of getting a great shot on the first try while shooting in a questionable location, and he keeps the video short. The best part about this video is that he shows us what the camera’s LCD screen looks like when sections of your image are blown out, which means you’ll know not to stress when your camera does the same thing.

Check out Dom Bower’s “High-Key Photography [almost] Anywhere” video.

  • Robert A

    Wow that’s really cool. I’m still pretty new to photography but this is a trick I would definitely want to learn more about.

  • Kevin White

    I love this technique. I just started using it myself and it save so much time when working with a question background. It really make the subject pop.