When you shoot sharp you differentiate yourself from a novice who shoots with autofocus. Shooting sharp is a pleasing victory, however, when you see this picture with the power of blur, you will want to shoot blur. Shooting blur is a leap away from the beginner level, especially when your concept is clear.


Bokeh is where blur is used most frequently when the subject is clearly focused but the background is blurred. The function of blur here is to serve as a contrast and make the sharp subject stand out or to make a cluttered, distractive background look pleasing.

Shen Chanjuan

To achieve bokeh shots, you need a large aperture, shooting from an angle where you’re close to the subject while the subject is far from the background and avoiding any close background object.

Long Exposure

Long exposure is a common technique to shoot smooth and soft moving water.

Stream Dreams | Talakona

To get this silky milky motion blur effect, you need a slow shutter speed, small aperture, low ISO and neutral density filter to avoid overexposure. You will find your eyes are drawn to the ‘blurry’ water.


Panning is an expert technique to achieve a blurry result, especially in impressionist photography or when shooting a moving subject. You need a slow shutter speed and a tripod with a swivelling head. The blur effects make the concept clear.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia


When you have mastered bokeh, long exposure and panning, you will embrace the novelty and controversy of free-lensing with no hesitation. As the term implies, freelensing is setting the lens free from the camera.

a kid's eyes

Because the lens is not attached to the camera, the distance between the lens and the camera is not fixed, every time you tilt or shift the lens you get a different result. However, once you get a freelensing result like this, it’s worth all the effort you make. Since the same result will not come again, your photos are way more precious.


Photoshop is always your last resort.

Online Photo Blur Tool

If Photoshop is still a chore for you, you can try this online photo blur tool. It’s easier and a lot of fun.


The Excuse to Blur

#60 - Don't Give Up

Even if the path is a little blurry. You’ll focus in when you know what you want. Then the picture of your life will be crystal clear.


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