While doing what you love for a living is everyone’s dream, sometimes there are days when the job of being a photographer seems, well, less than dreamy. As a photographer, you may love taking pictures, but dealing with picky clients, fighting rainstorms for the perfect shot, hiking miles with 20 pounds of gear on your back–well, you get the idea. When you’ve had a day filled more with the dreaded parts of the job than the enjoyable ones, we have something that’s almost guaranteed to make you feel a little bit better about your day. The Photo Society, a website run by a group of National Geographic photographers, recently released the results of a survey asking about the hazards the photographers have run into on the job. The responses are startling, and would make any pro feel a little bit better about that grumpy client. Here’s just a few of the incidents listed:

  • “Chased by a wild elephant”
  • “Malaria”
  • “Paraglider crash”
  • “Buried in avalanche”
  • “Seat belt releases with helicopter tipped over volcano”
  • “Imprisoned”
  • “Flesh eating parasites”
  • Viper in camera bag

Yikes. I don’t think I’m over going to reach into my camera bag without looking again–or feel so “poor me” when a session gets rained out. For the full survey results–including just how many photographers this has actually happened to–be sure to read the full article at The Photo Society. We want to know–what’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you while out shooting?

Featured image by Aaron Sheehan, Flickr creative commons–image was cropped

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