Photography is usually described as writing with light, a way to see the world a little differently. But what if you can’t actually see? Ahmad Zaghal is an avid music fan that loves taking shots during the peak of the performance. Zaghal is also blind. Essentially, instead of using photography as a way to write with light, he’s using as a way to write with sound. While he doesn’t claim to be a professional or even an amateur, he is gaining quite a following on Instagram. His shots aren’t composed based what is actually in the frame of the camera, but powerful moments in the middle of a song. “That might be what gives these photographs their latent power. They aren’t photos of bands making music. They’re portraits of air in a room, vibrating powerfully,” Chris Richards wrote in the Washington Post. If anything else, his story is an inspiring take on overcoming your own limitations.

Source: Chris Richards from Washington Post

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