Some photos are so iconic, they come to mind as easily as a catchy jingle from a commercial. But the photographers that stood behind the lens and actually did the legwork to make those images happen? They are much less known, unrecognizable on the street to the average person. Tim Mantoani sought to change that, snapping over 150 photos of famous images—held by their less recognizable creators. “It was important to step back and understand that cameras didn’t make these photos, photographers made these photos,” he told WIRED. The story behind Mantoani’s art is just as interesting—he used a rare Poloraid camera, with a hard-to-find film that cost as much as $200—per photo. Check out this must-see story of the photographers behind iconic images.

Source: WIRED Magazine, Jakob Schiller

Image: Book Cover, Behind The Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends by Tim Mantoani

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