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In this corner; the Nikon D600. In the other corner, it’s the Canon 6D. Both great contenders. Tonight’s fight: night photography.

Now that digital photography has become more flexible and affordable than ever before, the options might be getting more confusing than ever before, as well. The quality of a full-frame pixel array is still unmatched in digital imagery, but prohibitive costs and the size and weight of a full-frame rig kept these sensors out of the hands of all but dedicated shooters with deep pockets.

Fortunately, smaller, less-expensive models rolled out over the past year or so. In the DSLR category, Nikon introduced its amazing D600, and Canon launched its 6D soon afterward. Now that they have been on the market for a while, reviews are based on more experience and can focus on more specialized usages.

Photographer David Kingham has written an excellent review comparing the two bodies in night photography conditions (using the same lens for each), with photo comparisons to illustrate. He eliminates as many variables as possible, comparing:

Although both bodies contain excellent technology, Kingham demonstrates why he prefers one over the other. His comparisons run through 3 different ISO settings, going all the way up to 25,600. Check out his blog post to see the verdict.

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