Ever since Kim Kardashian posed in her birthday suite for Papermag, every celeb worth his salt has been at it trying to duplicate the dubious feat of ‘breaking the internet’.

In case you do not what the phrase means, it simply refers to the viral quotient of a piece of content – video, image or meme that is created with the sole intention of encouraging rapid shares and becoming the talk of the social media circles.

While most struggle, some have been finding success with the ubiquitous ‘partner in crime’ of shots wide and weird – the selfie stick.


When it comes to being a global leader with sass and swagger, no one can beat Mr. Obama.


Early this year he collaborated with the platform BuzzFeed to come up with a video snippet titled ‘Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About’ to prod last minute sign-ups for his pet project The Affordable Care Act.

In it he is seen having a hay time with a selfie stick as he preens and poses for the perfect angle. Super sweet! This cheeky and surprisingly vulnerable two minute watch literally broke the internet as it clocked up close to 53 million unique views and spread around like wild fire. People laughed at his goofy antics and in the end had a pleasant memory of the Obama tenure close on the heels of the 2016 Presidential Elections! And the selfie stick became more popular than ever before.


The President did great. But a couple of media sweethearts didn’t do badly either!

Kevin Hart at the People’s Choice Awards


Trust Kevin to go at it from the ‘hart’. He thoroughly embarrassed Kaley Cuoco Sweeting and Josh Gad on stage by asking them to ‘Say Hi’ into his three selfie sticks which apparently help him manage his life.He went on to explain that one allows him to shoot scenes for his upcoming movie on the go, another helps him capture stuff for his reality show and the third is for miscellaneous independent contracts like appearing on The View with the inimitable Whoopi Goldberg. The one and a half minute clip had people rolling on the floor and thinking up innovative ways to use their own selfie sticks.

Katy Perry on Stage


This woman knows how to stay in the news. She recently cavorted on stage for her live event armed with a selfie stick and went around clicking random images with her fans. The result was off the charts. The snaps surfaced on her social media sites and were rapidly shared by the lucky few who got to see themselves in the same frame as the super star. Now that’s what we call ‘selfie smarts’.

Leonardo Di Caprio in Lower Manhattan


The wolf of Wall Street went selfie stick crazy when he was seen wandering Lower Manhattan with one in hand and a vague look on his face! We can only contemplate what was going through his mind but fans have been delighted at the rare sighting of the elusive star and the proof of his misadventures has been immensely popular on Twitter. Some have opined that it’s the beard he wants to show off! Let’s keep guessing though.

P Diddy on a Holiday


His style and his smile are legendary. Trust the playboy singer P Diddy to make his mark on the selfie stick arena. The sleek star was seen draped in a white plush towel and staring intently into a smart phone propped by…you guessed it right…a selfie stick.That too on a family vacation in St.Barts! Just goes to show how powerful the allure of the perfect narcissistic selfie is! This click engendered a lot of gossip and further fuelled the war between the evangelists and denouncers of the trend.

Justin Bieber in his Car


Now that Selena Gomez is no longer hot news, the beliebers all over the world have been going gaga over the perfect tongue selfie of their dream man clicked using a stick. Can’t ignore the zonked out friends and the rather grainy photo quality…there is something “waiting for disaster to happen” about this image. What was the gang up to? No one knows! But it managed to stir up enough comments and re-shares to prove that the ‘baby’ boy is not out of vogue! Yet…anyway.

Now it’s your time to open up. Which celebrity has broken the internet with a selfie stick? And do you look to these famous faces for guidance when it comes to following trends?

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