During the onslaught of new product announcements for the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas this week, Canon introduced three consumer cameras. While two are expected updates to their consumer compacts, the ELPH 340 and 600, the N100 is a sort of odd ball in the mix. The camera sets itself apart by including two lenses—one in the usual place and one at the back of the camera to snap the photographer’s expression as the image is being taken. Which I suppose solves the issue of the photographer in the family never being in the pictures, but can shooting with an LCD screen (there’s no viewfinder) really be all that attractive of a pose? While that odd yet interesting feature might be enough to woo some consumers, the 1/1.7 inch sensor and lens with an f1.8 maximum aperture are likely the best features of the small shooter, expected out in May for around $350. For more details, check out Canon’s press release or product page.

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