Nikon offered a peak at their next top professional shooter at CES 2014—but didn’t do much more than tease (and perhaps provoke some drooling) with a display of the upcoming camera. There’s no release date yet, heck, there isn’t even a full list of specifications yet, but the camera giant did indicate that the D4S will have an improved processor and autofocus over the two-year-old D4. Nikon also called it an HD-SLR, which likely means improved video quality as well.

Also at CES, Nikon welcomed their newest entry-level DSLR, the D3300. Their most basic DSLR, it doesn’t offer as many features as some of their more advanced models, but the difference between the D3300 and the same level of camera a few years ago is quite remarkable. Releasing on February 6 for $650 with a kit lens, it’s an excellent option for beginners.

Image Source: Photography Life


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