I have to confess that I was a Photoshop idiot. It would take me forever to adjust curves to cross-process or manipulate color, just to be perfect.


Discover the Perfect Look for Your Portrait


I tried to spend more time playing with my camera settings. Shooting the same scene multiple times became a compulsive habit, and I tended to revisit the same place day and night.


I tried to take perfect photos entirely relying on my camera and avoiding Photoshop completely. However, it’s possible to capture the beauty but not the perfection. Post-processing is inevitable.


To avoid being a graphic designer rather than a photographer, I understand the importance of equipping myself with handy post-processing software.


ReStyle Gallery


What if there are plenty of preset effects of all types of moods, whether it’s vintage or impressionist, and for all kinds of photography shots, whether it’s food, landscape or portrait? What if you want to turn one photograph into many to express diverse moods?


Old roadway through foggy redwood forest, Redwood National Park, California


What if you capture a scene in a cloudy afternoon but you want it to look like it was taken at dawn or on a sunny morning? What if you like a photograph so much that you want your own photo to have that stunning look as well?


BlakeRudis Custom


What if you want all these to be processed in seconds rather than hours?


This innovative software is called “Topaz ReStyle“, it can act as a Photoshop plugin, and it has its “sibling” software to meet a variety of your needs.


Topaz ReStyle has over 1,000 Presets, but don’t worry about “too many decisions”; you have its intuitive keyword search feature to help locate whatever specific effects you are looking for. Plus, you can create new Presets based on your favorite images and make endless creations. You can freely take photos following your inspiration and unleash your creativity.


ReStyle Presets


Topaz Labs offer a 30-day FREE trial. You can get their 16 products in one easy bundle and save 50%.

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is a photography enthusiast and a frequent traveler who truly appreciates every tiny beauty of life and has traveled extensively around the world. She finds herself keen on a unique type of photography and calls herself a culture photographer. Her passion is Paris where she has been to more than once, living as a Parisian. She has walked big streets and small alleys in Paris, and every inch of the city has given her inspiration. She has a Paris collection on Alamy.com and a Paris travel blog at ParisEncore.com.

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