A beauty dish is a common piece of in-studio lighting equipment that dramatically wraps light around a subject, which results in images that are coveted by fashion and portrait photographers. Beauty dishes can be pricey and are not intended to be portable, but there are several tutorials that will teach you how to make your own full-sized beauty dish. However, photographer and graphic designer Kristy Wiseman shows you how to make a small, lightweight, and portable DIY beauty dish that is amazingly easy and cheap to make. It’s not professional looking, so keep it hidden from your clients, but it’ll make a world of difference in the pictures you take at your next informal gathering. In fact, if you can memorize the simple instructions, you can ask your host for the common household items and create your own MacGyver moment by building this beauty dish mid-party and using it on the spot, so to speak. Build your own portable beauty dish in ten minutes by following the instructions on Kristy Wiseman’s blog: http://limegreenbogiegirl.blogspot.de/2012/06/diy-beauty-dish-for-1.html.

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