Photo booths are a big hit now at parties. They are loads of fun for guests of all ages, and your guests get to create a memento of your special night. However, rental fees for photo booths can be a bit high. So, why not make your own photo booth?

Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking to save a few hundred dollars or an event photographer looking to expand your business and give your clients more of that they want, you’ll want to check out TechPhotoBlog’s classy and high-tech DIY photo booth. Not only does making your own photo booth save you cash but it also means you get digital copies of all the pictures taken that night. Once you get the technology down on this, don’t forget to dress things up a bit with a nice all-skin-tone-friendly background and a better lighting solution. If you’re not going to get some poor sucker to man the photo booth all night, do not to use any equipment you don’t feel comfortable leaving unattended.

Check out TechPhotoBlog in all his mutton chop glory as he shows you how he built a DIY photo booth for his wedding, thereby saving himself a ton of cash. Crafty and thrifty? He’s a keeper!

PhotographyTricks Tip: In addition to TechPhotoBlog’s advice about password-protecting the computer and bolting down the red button tray, we also suggest getting a waterproof cover for the monitor and printer to protect from any spills or splashes from guest’s drinks.

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