Your camera might have a post-production tilt-shift filter built right into the camera, and you might even know how to turn bird’s eye view pictures into tilt-shift images using Photoshop, but this probably isn’t enough to get your creative juices flowing. You want to shoot tilt-shit images right off the bat, for cheap, which means you must modify your lens.

Most tutorials that show you how to modify your lens for tilt-shift photography take for granted that the electric mechanism in the lens becomes nonfunctional after the modification. That means no more aperture control. Imagine our excitement when we came across Tony Lin’s DIY tilt-shift photography lens tutorial, which shows how to modify the lens so that you can still control the aperture!

Tony Lin’s video show you all the steps he took to modify his lens, including what didn’t work for him and how he got around it. This quick two-minute video makes for a great weekend of tilt-shift shooting.

PhotographyTricks Camera Care Tip: Carry extra tape when shooting with this DIY tilt-shift lens to patch up any possible tears.

Watch Tony Lin’s DIY tutorial on modifying your lens to make a tilt-shift lens here:

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  • Greg Morrison

    Good concept the guy narrating the video is a little strange

    • haha Gred, I feel bad saying this but I think you have a point there!

      • woops, “Greg” I mean