Most photographers, no doubt, have at some point been disappointed by the limitations in their own two feet. Shots that were missed because they couldn’t get there fast enough, couldn’t get up high enough, or just couldn’t get there. But what if there were no limitations? What if you could go anywhere you imagined with a camera?

Meet the latest trend in photography and videography—the unmanned helicopter, a.k.a, the drone. This particular one is named Phantom, and when paired with a Go Pro camera, the results are astounding. A shot of Niagara Falls from above? No problem. Keeping up with a surfer? Been there, done that. Chasing down a hot air balloon? Hey, why not?

B&H Insights recently shared a collection of three drone-powered videos that are absolutely remarkable, and the stories behind their creation. And while shooting with a drone may sound easy, it’s really anything but. From finding the right weather to working with a limited battery life and getting up before dawn to chase that golden light, there’s a lot more to drone photography than meets the eye.

Here’s one of those three amazing videos from Chase Heavener, who shot these collection of moments as he saw them:

FCTN Product Test 003: DJI Phantom from FCTN on Vimeo.

Read the story behind this video, and view two more drone-powered projects, at B&H Insights.

Original: Three Incredible Videos Shot By Drones—And the People Behind Them

Image: B&H Insights