Don’t want your camera gear to look like, well, every other camera out there? There are ways to make your camera just as unique as you are—without actually interfering with the function and usability of your gear. From customizing your strap to jazzing up your camera bag, here are a few of our favorite DIY camera accessories that may not help you take better pictures, but you will look better doing it.

Never lose your camera cap again


There are probably a few hundred tutorials out there on how to make a cover for your camera strap. These covers can make your camera more comfortable to wear, as well as add in some customization. But why stop there? Our favorite camera strap cover tutorial (try saying that ten times quickly) has one more function—storing your lens cap. If you frequently misplace your lens caps, this should be your next DIY project.

The tutorial comes from Vanessa Hewell at LBG Studio. It takes a bit of sewing, so it’s not the easiest strap cover to make, but the lens cap pocket could possibly make this one the coolest. Plus, since you are still using your own camera strap, you don’t have to worry about a DIY-gone-wrong involving a camera that you thought was secure tumbling down to the floor.

Check out Vanessa’s step-by-step instructions on how to make a camera strap cover here.

Create a camera strap as cool as you are


Scarves make excellent colorful accessories—we think the idea of using a scarf to accessorize your camera is, well, excellent. Silk is actually quite strong, making it sturdy enough to hold a small camera. Plus, silk is smooth and cool on your neck during the summer.

Only minimal sewing is required for this DIY, shared from the scarf site, Along with a sturdy silk scarf, you’ll also need key rings. You can also jazz it up with a piece of leather, or a ribbon, which will work to hide the stitches.

Check out for the full tutorial on creating a camera strap from a scarf.

Don’t worry, boys, we didn’t forget you


If scarves aren’t your thing but you happen to love a good tie, well, then this next tutorial is for you. One tie will get you all the fabric you need to create a simple camera strap that only requires a few stitches (sorry, this one isn’t a no-sew, guys). This would be the perfect strap for a wedding photographer that finds a necktie too cumbersome while shooting.

Ecoturre shared a basic tutorial on how to recycle an old necktie into a camera strap. Like any DIY strap, always test it and check the stitching often so your gear doesn’t ended up falling to its death. If you’re feeling daring and have an old necktie on hand, check out the fill instructions on creating a necktie camera strap here.

Keep your lenses cozy and classy


Cozies aren’t just for drinks anymore. If you’d like to keep a lens a little more secure inside your camera bag (or store it in a non-camera bag), then this tutorial is for you. This lens cozy will also come in handy if you don’t want to change up the permanent padding arrangement inside your camera bag—plus, you can customize it to your taste, colorful or plain.

This DIY project does require some sewing, but is certainly manageable with a sewing machine. Melly Sews offers step-by-step lens cozy instructions with detailed images. (If you are quite the seamstress and feeling ambitious, you might also enjoy her tutorial on a fully DIY camera bag)

Turn any bag into a camera bag


If you want to take the lens cozy one step further, it is possible to create a padded interior to fit inside any bag, like a purse or messenger bag, feminine or masculine. The project is similar to creating a lens cozy, only it protects the camera as well.

You can pick up any sturdy bag large enough for your gear and create the inserts to keep gear protected. And since you’re crafting it yourself, why not make I colorful? The idea comes from Abi Porter over at Vanilla and Lace. If you are interested in the exact details of how this bag was made, check out her blog here.

Your camera is a valuable possession—why not make it look like it belongs with you and dress it up with a few DIY projects? What’s your favorite project of the bunch?

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