On my last senior photo shoot, I blissfully wished for an easy way to find a new, more exciting place to head out to. And then this week, I stumbled across Shot Hotspot. And thought, Oh-my-gosh-why-didn’t-I-see-this-before?

Shot Hotspot takes geotagged images uploaded to the web, collects them in one place and then, bam! Now photographers can easily get new ideas for places to shoot. When you type in a city or area, Shot Hotspot brings up a map with interesting places to shoot and displays photos other have taken there before, so you can get an idea if the location would be a good fit or not.

Not a fan of shooting areas everyone has photographed before? You can also use Shot Hotspot to avoid those areas and venture out into the great, photographic unknown.

You’ll never run out of places to shoot with the help of this tool

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