Maybe elbow bumping and fighting with other photographers for the best angle isn’t an Olympic sport, but it may feel a little like one for the shooters in Sochi today. Jeff Cable, the official photographer for the men and women’s USA hockey teams, is one of those lucky enough to photograph the Olympics. The 2014 Winter games will be Cable’s third Olympics he’s covered with the camera. John R. Harris over at B&H Photo Video met with Cable to discuss his strategy for the games.

Cable plans to shoot with two Canon 1DX bodies, with one continuously using the 70-200mm f/2.8 and the other alternating glass based on the event. Early on, he’ll just be one of a few photographers at the hockey games, but as the teams get closer to medals, he’ll be competing for the best shooting position with over fifty other photographers. But it’s not all about shooting logistics, navigating a foreign country isn’t easy either.

Be sure to check out the full details on Jeff Cable’s strategies and gear, or stop by his blog for daily updates throughout the game.

Source: B&H Indepth

Image: Jeff Cable

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