I decided to buy my first non-compacts digital camera when I decided to be a photographer. Despite the saying “it’s the photographer, not the camera” I was convinced that I couldn’t take a “pro-picture” with a compact, period.


I was born in the digital era, so when I thought of getting a DSLR I started by searching for innovative products, because I knew that the upgrade speed of electronics was accelerating every year.

During the search, I noticed the birth of mirrorless cameras. Even if the technology was not proven at that time, I clearly knew that it was the future and that it would only be a matter of time like the transform from SLR to DSLR.

I focused on the revolutionary and lightweight mirrorless cameras when I found out that they provided the same quality photos as DSLRs.

Does Sensor Matter?

It’s a “disruptive” choice to give up DSLR. When I picked my mirrorless camera based on the sensor, APS-C was my favorite the moment I first read about it.

This was only my choice though. According to this in-depth comparison between Micro Four Thirds and APS-C sensors, they have equal shares and Micro Four Thirds offer a wider selection of lenses.

Can you really tell if a photo was taken with a camera with a full-frame, APS-C or Micro Four Thirds sensor? GuessTheFormat has a fun quiz to test whether you can tell.

Guess the Format

Lens Doesn’t Matter Except When It Does

When you start out learning and practicing photography, you can take time to become familiar with the kit lens. When you know what kind of photography you prefer and will focus on, that is the time to choose a suitable lens to make a difference to your photographs.

Here’s an excellent article that helps you find the right lens for your niche photography.

Top Photography Lenses Cheat Sheet

Top Photography Lenses Cheat Sheet

After making many comparisons, I picked Sony Alpha NEX 5T and I have never regretted it.

What about you?


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