“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.” ― Ansel Adams

Photography fascinates me the same way the personality does. Different genres of photography require completely different sets of skills.

Journalism and street photography are very different from the landscape photography. Journalism is more about the people and stories, and much less about the techniques.

Landscape photography requires almost all photography skills except for people, and the technical aspect plays a crucial role.

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Timing and Lighting

Landscape photographs are taken outdoors, so the timing and lighting are critical. You have to know when and how to make full use of these aspects of photography.

The Golden Hour

A landscape photographer needs to know how to take advantage of the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour. He also needs to know how to take beautiful shots in difficult lighting conditions such as at midday. He needs to know how to produce the best shots possible in a cloudy and hazy sunlight, low light, rain, cold weather and even in a winter storm.


It is important for landscape photographers to know where to stand and to be able to walk the extra mile to find that perfect spot.

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Landscape photographers tend to own wide-angle lenses, and a tripod is a must. Two essential filters every landscape photographer carries are a polarizing filter that makes a blue sky bluer and a neutral density filter that balances out uneven lighting conditions.

Manual Control

For landscape photographers, the manual control technique is not only desirable, but also necessary. This includes manual exposure and even manual white balance.


Before freely breaking the rules and making extraordinary photographs, landscape photographers must learn and master all the basic rules until they become instinctive.

As you can see, landscape photography demands high proficiency in many techniques. However, if you’re a technical person, landscape photography might be your most suitable niche.

Before you pick up your tripod and set your foot out of the door, take this ultimate landscape photography quiz to see if you are good to go, theoretically.

One cheat: landscape photography has 4 sub-styles: representational, impressionistic, abstract and urban.

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    I would like to be a better landscape photographer. I shoot with a Canon 5d.