I’ve been the editor of Photography Tricks Dot Com for one year (my first anniversary was August 26). There have been plenty of ups and downs to say the least. I didn’t fool myself for a second that this job would be easy. I just knew that it was a great match for me. I love photography; I love researching and learning; and I’ve always loved reading and editing.

Still, I underestimated how tough it would be. The past year has been something of a crazy ride. It’s so easy to publish anything online that it’s tough to imagine all of the demands of running even a small online publication. This is a whole different beast from posting on social media, or creating and writing a personal blog.

I felt like I was underwater for quite some time. There are several people, all working remotely, to coordinate, to get involved in discussions, to schedule with. We all have lives, and other projects (for some of us, those are photography-related projects, and for most of us, there are various other entrepreneurial or lifestyle projects).

Somehow, we had to find a vision, a direction, come up with a million ideas (that’s the easy part), narrow our focus, and execute the best of those ideas (that’s the hard part).

Throughout it all, I decided to focus on one thing: integrity. Mistakes are ok (I personally make lots and lots and lots of them). But crafting deliberate, valuable content and making constant efforts to improve are paramount. I want us to be a venue with quality information. I want us to target readers who, professional or amateur, are going to stick with photography and who truly want to learn about the science and the craft of being creative. That is the reader that we are producing for.

One year in, and a lot has changed in the vision, in the content we publish, and in the standards that are used to evaluate what we will and will not publish. I still make mistakes every single day. But I can remind myself of the vision and the purpose of our site. We have a lot of plans that we have yet to implement. But I’m very proud of the content that we’ve published and of the contributors to this site.

I’m grateful to our regular contributors, especially Hillary Grigonis and Jason Row, who produce the majority of our content, and to the continually accommodating attitude of our behind-the-scenes guy, Irwin Lagman, who also published his first article recently. I’m also extremely grateful for the generosity of the great photographers who have taken the time to contribute to some of our feature pieces: Guy Tal, Thea Dodds, Dave Gignac (x3), Sophie Gamand, Dan Ballard, Sergio Pitamitz, and Ian Plant.

I plan to work to maintain and to build on our standards of integrity. We hope to bring new and bigger projects out in the next year. Most of all, I want to continue to connect with the right audience; an audience of people who are so into this “photography thing” that they are going to stick with it, even when it turns out to be a lot more involved—and more challenging—than they ever thought possible. If that’s you, I want to know that we are connecting with you. If we aren’t, I want to know that, too.
Please, readers, let us know how we’re doing—what you’ve learned; what’s been helpful; and if there is anything that you are struggling with or need to learn, please let us know.

Heather Nilson

About The Author

Heather Nilson was editor of PhotographyTricks.com from August 2012 until November 2014. She has a background as an academic geek, with a degree in biology and work history in biology research. This was followed in 2010 by a complete career switch from laboratory research to writing, photography, and travel. She specializes in travel and fine art photography, and loves spending her computer time continually learning more about photography and creativity. Heather lives in Denver, Colorado, when she is not traveling. Like her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/LightAdventurePhotography

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