In Love with the Past

Why do you love this photo? – It is the nostalgia. The vintage mood created in this photo draws you in and makes you follow the protagonist’s footsteps and run forward.

The monochrome eliminates possible distractions from other colorful detail and leads your eyes to the track and footsteps.

In a color photo, you pay more attention to what’s in front of your eyes, while a monochrome photo helps you see the deeper meaning.

Going Vintage without Photoshop

An incorrect white balance The monochrome is not the only way to feed your nostalgia. Even an incorrect white balance can create wonder very easily.

The key is that you know the main qualities of a vintage photo, so you can mimic them: warm glow, grain, washed-out colors, light leaks, film edge burns, over-exposure, and soft focus.

In this sense, breaking the rules of modern photography is one of the ways to go vintage, e.g. use a high ISO to create grainy shots. Grainy Shots

Going Vintage with Photoshop

Sometimes you want to capture and preserve a moment in a modern way: clear, sharp, and colorful, while hoping to try a vintage look. The paradox is that you can achieve the retro effect with the help of modern technology.

Vintage Opener Photoshop has a Color Lookup feature that can help create a retro look with higher quality than photo filter apps.

Vintage Effects Video Tutorials

If video tutorials are your thing, then you can simply sit back and watch these video tutorials and learn the tricks you need to add that retro feel to your modern photographs. Vintage videos

Amazing Photoshop Retro Effects You’d Love to Try

Beautiful woman sunflowers Vintage Effect

Let’s Have Fun

O-matic If these tutorials sound like a headache for you, try Pixlr O Matic, a free and simple photo app that will turn your modern photos into cool retro look pictures.

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