Bread and Cheese without reflector

This photo makes the bread and cheese look interesting and invites you to reach in and taste them. The setting looks spontaneous as if the photographer captured the scene casually. But the effect is impressive.

The trick is that the photographer specially created an ambiance, a “mood” in this low-key yet excellent photo, and evokes emotions in the viewers. It is the dark mood that makes the photo truly evocative.

Food photography mushroom
Bread and Cheese with reflector dippy

Science of “Mood”

Arctic Canyon Guy Tal In an interview, Guy Tal mentioned that the direction of diagonal lines could completely change the mood of a photo.
8 Magical Methods for Adding Mood to Your Photos Here are 8 Magical Methods for Adding Mood to Your Photos and learn to create a mood now!
Mood photography The photographer narrated how to use natural elements like quirks of weather such as fog, storm clouds and snow, and running water to create varying moods in photography.
Gallery of mood photography art Get inspired by looking at this Gallery of mood photography art and see how to use natural elements to create varying moods in action!

Art of “Mood”

Why he picked up a camera After copying other photographers, the photographer realized that he was only shooting his interpretation of someone else’s concept. He discovered how to cultivate his mood in his intended audience, which was the real reason he first picked up a camera.
Creates a mood in a personal style The best kind of photography is not necessarily technically perfect, but rather captures or creates a mood in a personal style, which gives you a voice that speaks to the viewer, even if the viewer may interpret it through his or her own eyes and own experiences as having a very different mood or message.

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