Dave Gignac is a wildlife and nature photographer in Temagami, Ontario, Canada. His work has been published many magazines and other publications, including Canadian Geographic Magazine, Detroit Free Press, Photolife Magazine, and Bird Studies Canada.

Editor’s note: Dave Gignac’s owl and fox kit photos have done wonders for my Facebook feed for a long time, so I was excited to be able ask him to contribute to our Photo Stories series. It was a lucky coincidence that shortly after I contacted him, Dave excitedly announced on Facebook that he had a much-hoped-for lynx photo. Despite an extremely busy schedule, Dave was generous enough to make time to share the story and photo with us.

Dave: Since moving to Northern Ontario, I have been hoping to see a lynx. I know there are a good number of them in the area, but had yet to see one. Lynx are known to be quite shy and stealthy; a “ghost of the forest”, in a way. On a few recent snowshoe hikes near the Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Wilderness Reserve, I started to notice a lot of fresh tracks in the snow. I decided to return, armed with my camera and telephoto lens, in the hopes of finding one of these elusive cats.

After about an hour of hiking, I came around a corner and THERE SHE WAS, the lynx I had been looking for, standing on a snowdrift in the warm sunshine. My heart began to race as I fumbled for the camera and pointed it at the lynx.I was so nervous I had a hard time keeping steady, but thank goodness for stabilized lenses!

I snapped a few frames before she even knew i was there, then the clicking of my camera caught her attention. She turned, gave me a look that suggested “You had your look; Im leaving now”, turned toward the bush, and slowly disappeared. I was ecstatic to have finally seen a lynx in the wild, and to have a few frames to remember the encounter. It was truly one of the highlights of my nature-loving life!

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Dave Gignac sells fine-art paper and canvas prints of his wildlife and nature work from his home area of northern Ontario. Keep an eye on this space for another Dave Gignac story soon.

Photo Stories is a series that provides a look at how our favorite images were made.

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