Thea Dodds of Authentic Eye Photography is a portrait and wedding photographer working in New England. Thea shared her story with us about this stunning wedding image:

One photo of mine that has gained a lot of traction is this photo of two brides on a pickup truck in Vermont.

This red truck was a prop the brides rented from a local. It didn’t even run, it was just there for decoration…and as a lemonade stand during the hot July day. We photographed around this truck all day! It was a wonderful prop for the rustic Vermont wedding, and also the red color added some nice contrast to the brides’ white dresses. As the sun got lower in the sky, the red truck really started to “pop” against the green mountain background. I captured this sweet moment between the brides in a loving embrace.

This photo has been published extensively including Newsweek, Yahoo, ABC, NPR and other prominent publications.

As I corresponded with Thea, I began to wonder what it was like to work as a wedding photographer, but to see your images end up published by large media outlets. Thea says:

It is interesting to have wedding photographs turn into “news” photographs. In many ways this is removing the artwork from its intended purpose. These photos are not photojournalism (although the style may be photojournalistic); rather they are powerful images of love. Because seeing two brides or two grooms publicly celebrating their love is still new to much of the country (and world) these images have been helpful for the media to illustrate the story. The traditional wedding story has been told many, many times. But the wedding story of two grooms or two brides is still a very new story, which makes it newsworthy.

In the case of this photo, the brides were very proud to share their photos with the world. They wanted their personal wedding day to inspire others, and it did. It should be mentioned that many couples would not want their wedding photos turned into news photos. I always check with my couples before anything is submitted for publication. And I check again every time I’m contacted by a reporter, church, advertising agency, etc. that wants to print one of my photos.

I am thankful to Thea and the brides in this lovely image for sharing their story with us. With same-sex weddings becoming mainstream, the genre of wedding photography and the required knowledge base is rapidly changing. Thea Dodds has partnered with coauthor Kathryn Hamm to produce a book on the topic called The New Art of Capturing Love, coming out in May.

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