Starting last December, we published a series of profiles on photographers to follow in 2014. These photographers are all inspiring in different ways: they are all creative artists whose work itself is inspiring. They also have all committed themselves to teaching other photographers how to do everything from bringing a vision to life in an image to running a business and succeeding in a highly competitive and rapidly-changing industry.

Here is a complete list of the photographers profiled in this series:

Scott Robert Lim is the wedding photographer who teaches everything from lighting to posing, and inspires us with his own story of career struggles and successes.


Dan Milnor has truly made his own path as a visual artist, and continues to defy categorization.


Bambi Cantrell is the portrait photographer who has taught and inspired others to reach their own high-level accomplishments.


Andy Katz lives the romantic lifestyle that many people imagine when they hear the phrase “travel photographer”.


Corey Rich is an adrenalin junkie’s travel photographers. He shoots adventurers all over the world.


Lindsay Adler is a visionary whose fashion photography is high-level editorial artwork.


Erik Almas is a commercial photographer who tells stories and who creates fantasy worlds. He makes it look easy to blend high art and the commercial world.


Joe Buissink is a man so in demand that you might have to get in line behind Hollywood stars to book him for your wedding. Nonetheless, he spends time sharing his work with an audience of people who want to learn about photography.


Brooke Shaden, whose amazing works of dark fairy-tale fantasy belie a hard core of common sense and technical know-how?


John Keatley has been able to move from being told he was bland to building a career off of a peculiar, quirky, slyly funny aesthetic.

John keatley

Benjamin Von Wong’s work is a mix of on-location and Photoshop art that brings epic visions to life.


Ryan Brenizer is one of three wedding photographers in this series. His stitching method made his name well-known among photographers. However, what really drives his work is a genuine love of what he does and the expressive nature of his imagery.


Sarah Petty  is a portrait artist who is determined to help other photographers succeed in business.


These artists have grown to be famous names in our industry. They continue to work hard and to do great things, which is why they are worth following in 2014.

By Heather Nilson

About The Author

Heather Nilson was editor of from August 2012 until November 2014. She has a background as an academic geek, with a degree in biology and work history in biology research. This was followed in 2010 by a complete career switch from laboratory research to writing, photography, and travel. She specializes in travel and fine art photography, and loves spending her computer time continually learning more about photography and creativity. Heather lives in Denver, Colorado, when she is not traveling. Like her Facebook page at:

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