Black and white images may be devoid of color, but they’re certainly not lacking in emotion. Photoshop allows you to take an image from color to black in white in just a click or two–but like a lot of other things in photo editing, the easy way is usually not the best way. If you convert your shots to black and white using the adjustment tab or worse, just converting to grayscale, you need to check out this tutorial from Phlearn. There’s a lot more to Photoshop black and white techniques then meets the eye.

Black and white conversion is more than simply taking out the color–it’s about controlling the contrast: which colors become dark, and which ones become light. Using a channel adjustment layer or a black and white adjustment layer, you can control all these things. With this technique, you can even combine the two to take advantage of the best of both.

Once you’re happy with the contrast in the image, you can even take it another step further by creating an aged look through a posterize layer technique, or adding a bit of noise.

Before you start editing your next black and white shot, make sure to check out this step-by-step tutorial:

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