Photography has its share of spookiness, but when the photo dates back to the pre-Photoshop era, the images are hard to forget, haunting dreams (pun intended). Check out these spooky old images—if you dare.

The Ghost Mother


When photography was new and professionals were the only ones with a camera, families wanted photos of their kids. But, cameras weren’t nearly as fast and the subjects had to be very still, and well, kids and still have never gone together. So to ensure sharp photos of their little ones, mothers hid behind a backdrop and held on to the baby, creating sharp photos, that, well, appear rather creepy. These vintage ghost mother images are quite common, but still spooky nonetheless.

Post-Mortem Portraits


Back before everyone had a camera in their pocket, it was common not to have a picture of a loved one. And when that loved one passed away, it wasn’t uncommon to take a picture, post-mortem. Infant mortality rates were high, so many of these images were of infants, kids and families.Prior to photography, it was a common practice to get a painting of a family member after their death.

Creepy Trick Photography


Trick photos obviously shot back before the age of Photoshop and computers tend to cause goosebumps and strange dreams much more than their modern counterparts. Trick photography was actually developed in 1856 by Oscar Rejiander. Often, photos like the decapitated man or levitating people or objects were created by combining a series of negatives together.

The Inexplicably Creepy

Ransom Riggs Strange Photo

And then, there’s the pictures that just can’t be explained. Author Ransom Riggs started picking up usual snapshots at flea markets—and they became the inspiration for his popular novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. The photos are definitely worth checking out—but be forewarned, they may cause nightmares.

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