Fairy tales aren’t just for the story book anymore. From this mom that created dreamy photos of her disabled daughter to the artist that’s combining sick kids artwork with their own portrait, the fantasy look creates an unusual effect in images that tends to work well with images of children. Whatever your vision is, here are four techniques to adding a fantasy look to photos in Photoshop.

Dreamy glow

Nothing says fantasy quite like that dreamy glow. But how do you add that to an image? Here’s a hint: it involves using a blur filter. Here’s how.

Fairy Tale Forest

There’s a reason a lot of fairy tales take place in a forest–the trees themselves create an usual feel all by themselves. To transform a shot of trees into something that really says fairy tale, try adding a golden sun look like this:

Vibrant Colors

Nothing quite says fairy tale like vibrant colors that don’t quite exist in nature. With a little bit of playing with hue and a few other elements, this look is certainly possible and works well for a lot of different image types. Here’s how:

Hard light effects

Okay, so maybe this look is a little more post-apolitical than fairy tale, but hey, the original Grim fairy tales were actually quite terrifying. This is actually a composite image of several different photographs, but the final result looks pretty neat, so it’s worth a look:

Fantasy looks make for a neat photographic effect, yet can be carried out in a variety of different ways.

Try any of these Photoshop tricks? Send us a link in the comments–we’d love to check them out!

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