You’ve probably put a lot of thought into Halloween costumes over the years, but have you ever thought of dressing up your photos? With a little digital manipulation, images can take on a creepiness of their own, turning normal human beings into, well, something less normal. Get ready to tackle some costumes all your non-photographer friends can’t achieve with these five Halloween Photoshop tricks.

Hollow head

Forget the Headless Horseman–that’s too simple. Go from headless to empty headed with this unusual trick.

Skull face

Ever wonder how those apps turn you into a zombie in your photos? With a little know-how, you can combine two photos for a custom-made creepy look.

Cracked and peeling face

Zombies not your thing? Add some fear factor with some cracked and peeling skin.

Head peel

Peel your face like an orange–save this shot as your Facebook profile picture on Halloween and see what kind of reaction you get.

Water person

Okay, this Photoshop trick is pretty cool and takes on more of the wow factor than the element of creepiness. Turn a portrait into a person made of water.

What’s your favorite Halloween Photoshop trick? Try these tricks at home–and send us a link to them in the comments!