Photoshop is a great tool for enhancing images–but what about creating something different entirely? While photographers should be honest about the amount of editing done in an image, images that defy the natural world are eye-catching and a creative art by themselves. Here are a few Photoshop photo effects tricks that can make your images “defy” the laws of physics.


Levitation photography is more than just a Photoshop trick. You need to have an idea of what you are doing before you even set out to take the shot. But, with careful planning and the right props, you can create some pretty spectacular images. This tutorial walks you through the steps.


Multiplicity photos make viewers do a double take–and they aren’t as difficult to create as they sound. By combining multiple images, you can duplicate a subject as many times as you’d like. Hey, you can even clone yourself if you want. Here’s a fun and uncomplicated way to do just that.

Catch Fire

Fire certainly makes a statement–and when something that shouldn’t be on fire appears to erupt in flames, people take notice. Maybe you just want your friends to ask ‘how did you do that?’ or perhaps you want to recreate a look from The Hunger Games. Whatever your end goal is, here’s a pretty neat tutorial to set your image on fire.

Dispersion – Smoke

Where there’s fire, there’s usually smoke. Make objects look as if they are going up in smoke with this Photoshop trick.

Pixel Explosion

A neat look for advertising and graphics; this makes subjects appear to gradually turn into an explosion of pixels. While this Photoshop trick is geared more towards graphic artists, anyone with a bit of Photoshop background can turn their own images into an explosion of all those little pieces making up the big picture.

What’s your favorite odd Photoshop trick? Share it with us in the comments!

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