This is what can happen when an artist decides to push himself beyond his original “beauty image idea and run with a storytelling inspiration. SLR Lounge editor Hanssie recently published this article on DC photographer Jonathan Thorpe‘s image, inspired by a Renaissance painting. Jonathan talks about his friend, Heather, who was being treated for a second bout of leukemia. The interview article tells us the initial concept, and goes on to talk about its development and execution.

I had initially reached out to Heather regarding a beauty shoot, but when I started thinking more about it, I knew I could tell a better story. I then reached out to my art director Andi, and she mentioned the painting Birth of Venus.

Thorpe and his close colleagues analyzed the famous work of art and considered how to re-interpret it in a modern way, using a contrasting bleak background to help tell the story of a chemotherapy patient’s struggle. He then goes on to describe how he shot this image in 20 minutes (really, 20 minutes), speaking of both the conceptual process and the technical information. How do you accomplish a mind-altering work of art in 20 minutes? Thorpe says that when he got the image, he knew:

because as soon as I saw it, I knew THAT was the one.

For the first time in my professional photo career I knew what it felt to make a picture that actually moved people…. It wasn’t about how much money I was going to make, or how many magazines the photo ended up in….What mattered was showing that in any situation, any at all, beauty can be found not in fancy clothes, or makeup, but in simply the strength in determination of an individual with zero desire of giving up.

Photo copyright Jonathan Thorpe. Published with permission.

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