Ryan Brenizer knows the answer to this question. He’s a New York wedding photographer, and developer of the innovative photo stitching process known as the Brenizer method.

More than that, he is a sincere and passionate photographer who is palpably in wonder of the beauty and love that surrounds him as he photographs other people’s weddings. Watching him deliver a two-part workshop on “Turn Common Problems into Great Wedding Photos”, (CreativeLIVE’s Photo Week LIVE series) it was his sincerity that struck me.

Over and over again, as I learn from other photographers, I notice that it’s the willingness to be completely honest, and paradoxically vulnerable, that seems to be the key to success for those who have made it in a very tough industry.

Ryan Brenizer is the real deal. He’s open, honest, and freely talks about the emotional investment of his chosen career. It’s that quality that comes through in his work. It’s really the ability to convey those emotions, and not the technical method that bears his name, that makes him a photographer worth following.

This is one profile in a series about photographers to follow in 2014. These are people who are doing groundbreaking photographic work and who teach the rest of us how to do it too. They fit the PhotographyTricks motto: spreading passion for life through photography.


Photo via RyanBrinizer.com