Just ahead of the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) 2014, Samsung announced their latest imaging products, a pair of cameras combining the best of smartphones and cameras into one, the NX30 and Galaxy Camera 2, and a pair of new mirrorless lenses.

The NX30 is the more interesting of the bunch, with a large APS-C sensor and more of the features of a camera than a smartphone. The NX30 can click away as fast as 1/8000, with a burst speed of 9 fps. The design is also certainly worth mentioning—it features a pull out, tilting electronic viewfinder, along with a touchscreen that can tilt for viewing from the side. Samsung hasn’t announced a price or availability date yet, but if the previous model was any indication, this connected mirrorless will cost around a grand.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 uses the same 1/2.33” sensor as its predecessor, which is larger than a smartphone’s but quite a bit smaller compared to similarly priced cameras, if the camera is priced at $500 like the first model, anyways. Pricing and availability details haven’t yet been released. Most of the updates, however, are arguably more towards the smartphone side of things, with the biggest improvement being a better processor. Samsung did, however, nearly double the smart scene modes and add touchscreen focusing, but there’s still not much in the way of custom shooting.

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