In this post, I’ll teach you how to clone yourself in a picture by taking multiple shots of yourself in different parts of the frame and combine them to create a new photo with you cloned multiple times in the same setting.

Like in the image above.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tripod– It’s absolutely necessary that you have a sturdy tripod for this tutorial, because you want to remain perfectly still throughout all of the different shots.
  • Remote Control– You can use either a remote, or a self-timer for your camera. If you don’t have a self-timer; you can ask a friend to take the pictures.

Here are the Steps:

Step 1: Mount the Camera on a Tripod

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube1

Step 2: Focus on your scene and Switch to Manual Mode.

Make sure to switch the camera to Manual Mode:

  • Manual Focus
  • Manual White Balance
  • Manual Aperture
  • Manual Shutter Speed
  • Manual ISO

The reason for this is that you need to have all of the pictures consistent – they need to have the same lighting , the same depth of field and so on.

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Step 3: Take the Shots

Here are the four images for this tutorial:

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube2

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube3

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube4

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube5

Step 4: Photoshop Post-Production.

After you’re done taking the pictures, you’ll need to combine all the frames.

Import your files into Photoshop

Click “File”-> Scroll down to Scripts -> Select “Load files into stack” -> Click “Browse” -> Select the photos that you took -> Click OK. Leave the two boxes unchecked (since you used a tripod, you won’t have to worry about aligning the images).

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube6

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube7

Using Layer Masks

Now that you have all of the pictures that you took in different layers, you’ll need to select each layer and add a layer mask to each one. There’s a little button down there that says “Layer Mask”, click that on every single one.

Next, start with the top layer and click on the “Layer Mask” to activate it.In other words, you don’t want the actual layer selected, just the Layer Mask selected. The Layer Mask is white, so you want to use a black paintbrush and paint over the subject. Click B and D to select the brush tool with black as the foreground color.

The shadows in there look a bit weird, so use a soft brush to even that out:

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube11

Now that the subject is gone, click on the “Layer Mask” to select it and press Control + I to invert it. This will invert the layer mask, so now you will see two instances of the subject:

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial YouTube12

Repeat what you did to the top layer to all of the remaining layers until you’re done and then you’ll have your own multiplicity photo.

Final Edits

When you’re all done, go up to Layer ->Flatten Image -> and it combines all the layers. You might also want to crop your image a little, adjust the brightness and the colors, use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove little distractions that aren’t really necessary, and so on.

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Summing Up

So there you have it, a cool way to clone yourself, your pet and any other objects you can think of. You can also use Multiplicity vertically, not just horizontally. Here are some examples:

Multiplicity Photography YouTube14

Multiplicity Photography YouTube15

Here is the simple video version:

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I’d like to see what you come up with, so please leave a comment below.

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