Technically, this image looks like a typical tree silhouette any novice photographer would want to practice with. However, what’s inside of the photographer’s mind is what makes this picture so different; because it expresses the holy tranquil night the photographer has enjoyed for two decades rather than just replicating the desert tree scenery anyone else sees. This special photographer is Guy Tal.

Quiet Night

Quiet Night

There are different types of photographers, but successful photographers, Brandon Stanton – the acclaimed NYC street portrait photographer, Sophie Gamand – the award-winning dog portrait photographer, and Guy Tal – the inspirational intimate landscape photographer from the desert… They have some common traits.

Both Guy Tal and Brandon Stanton are self-taught photographers.

Passionate about Their Niche

Brandon Stanton finds his passion in humans of New York and the storylines behind their faces. Sophie Gamand finds her passion in human-like expressions of dogs. Guy Tal finds his in American deserts.

Follow Your Inspiration and Lead a Fulfilling Life

Brandon Stanton moved to NYC from Georgia. Sophie Gamand holds a Master’s degree in law but eventually quit the corporate world to pursue her artistic career. Guy Tal worked for several Silicon Valley start-ups and had his own consulting business, but eventually moved to Utah and became a full-time photographer and writer.

Most people are concerned with their material life, but successful artists understand that their artistic pursuit is more meaningful than what Thoreau called “a life of quiet desperation”. Both Sophie Gamand and Guy Tal chose to take the ‘scary’ leap and face it with no regret.

Road Less Traveled By

Who else except for Brandon Stanton can walk on the streets of New York City each and every single day, rain or shine, talking to people, taking pictures and keep doing so, non-stop?

Guy Tal also doesn’t write any mainstream “Photography 101” type of books, instead, he promotes a different way of thinking about photography, in his words, think of the importance of where you want to go instead of how to start and steer your car. This reminds us of the image ‘Quiet Night’ that represents the tranquility inside the photographer’s mind rather than a desert tree.

Guy Tal Photographs

Guy Tal Photographs

If your artistic trait is calling and you have the courage to change, then lack of education background is never an obstacle, as long as you are clear about your passion and willing to learn all the necessary skills. Find your unique niche and go for it.

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