A decade ago, photographers were able to make a living selling their photographs on stock photo sites alone, but now that is no longer possible. New photographers don’t have a chance.

Do you know how things reached this point?

The sad truth is:

Photographers have helped this trend by joining the microstock price war. $0.25 per download—are you kidding?

Now it’s time for you to search for and contribute to decently-priced stock photo sites if you want to monetize your collection of photographs as an extra income stream. These sites do still exist.

In this way, at least you are making a brighter future more possible.


I came across Alamy when I was disappointed by microstock photo sites. Alamy is everything that microstock sites are not.

Technical Excellence

For me, Alamy is the Google of Stock Photo sites. I’m drawn to its search algorithm and its site’s user experience design. No wonder it won the Usability category of the Technical Excellence award in the annual International EMMA awards.


Alamy approves your photos as long as they’re technically correct with no subjective bias. Microstock photo sites, on the other hand, might reject your photos and give you the false impression that your photos are flawed and their sites are better. However, you will find your photos rejected by microstock photo sites accepted on Alamy and sold at a more respectable price; a price one hundred times higher.

When the doors of microstock photo sites close on you, Alamy opens its window and welcomes on you. So expose for Alamy!

An Understanding of Art

Alamy is not only technically excellent, but its editors also understand art and that art should not be measured by subjective criteria.


Unique Photos

Your photographs’ online presence is unique so customers who are interested in your photographs won’t find them anywhere else.


Traditional stock photos have a reputation of being unreal studio shots while Alamy welcomes and sets the stage for natural and vibrant photographs.

Vibrant Hot Air Balloons

You’re Fulfilled

Since you can photograph and sell whatever you want, you are more fulfilled as a photographer.

Sensible Photo Valuation

Each of your photographs is sold at a fair price, one you can be proud of and one that reflects the time you have invested in your portfolio.


Alamy knows that photographers are its assets and that with its visionary business model, more and more unique photographs will end up on the site. Alamy is helping to keep this industry sane.

About The Author

is a photography enthusiast and a frequent traveler who truly appreciates every tiny beauty of life and has traveled extensively around the world. She finds herself keen on a unique type of photography and calls herself a culture photographer. Her passion is Paris where she has been to more than once, living as a Parisian. She has walked big streets and small alleys in Paris, and every inch of the city has given her inspiration. She has a Paris collection on Alamy.com and a Paris travel blog at ParisEncore.com.

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