If you are anything like me, when you watch the Super Bowl this year, you’ll be paying a lot of attention to the photographers on the sidelines and wondering what it’s like to be so close to the biggest football action of the year that you can hear every hit. Well, Peter Read Miller knows exactly what that’s like. In fact, he has shot 36 Super Bowls, as well as a number of other big events like nine Olympiads.

The Sports Illustrated photographer is sharing his advice on everything from gear to where to stand during the big game in his book, On Sports Photography, as well as a few workshops. Shooting from a low angle, like in the shot above, gives players a more heroic look, he said in an interview with WIRED. In his latest interview, he also shared what gear he has on him for the game, which is worth around $60,000 and starts with four Canon EOS 1DX bodies.

Check out Miller’s entire interview with WIRED, head over here to learn more about his book, or meet him in person by signing up for one of his workshops.