Would you like to create stunning, mind blowing pictures like these with just a basic DSLR?

Would you like to create mind blowing pictures like these with just a basic DSLR?


With no fancy, expensive equipment, you can be creating pictures like this today.

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People can be standing there scratching their heads wondering how you do it with nothing but a basic DSLR.

Keep reading to discover some simple tricks to create effects like this below…


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Here’s what it’s all about…

Most folks don’t know a fraction of the potential they are sitting on when it comes to creating amazing photographs with their basic camera.

They think the best gear will take the best pictures, but nothing could be further from the truth.

All you need is creativity and to know about a few things like composition and light.

When you know that, you can easily create much better pictures than pro with tons of fancy equipment.

Here are some quick photographic tips and tricks to get you started…

Tricks with light

In all basic DSLR cameras there is a piece of cloth or plastic between the lens and the camera sensor.

When you push the button on your camera the shutter opens and closes before exposure can take place.

By simply adjusting the shutter using special strategies you can take pictures like these below…



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Go crazy with photo shop


When you take a simple DSLR camera and add photo shop to the mix you can take your imagination and level of creativity to whole new level.

Simple and easy techniques can create stunning pictures like this…

Having fun with trees

Use 360x 180 panoramas to create incredible photos when you know what you’re doing.

I like to stand 1-20 feet away from a tree and with no other trees on the horizon or around to get this type of shot below…

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