Are you serious about making a career of your photography hobby and starting a photography business?


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  • Do you love photography more than anyone else does and more than anything else?
  • Are you willing to work your socks off 7 days a week?
  • Are you willing to do all this without making any profit for years?


No? Then please keep it as a hobby.


Yes? Great!


The first step towards a successful photography business is to discover what you love to photograph – your niche.


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The Importance of Finding Your Niche

  • You will stand out in brutal competition this digital era
  • You can offer what others can’t offer to win the battle
  • Your value-added expertise will attract clients with that specific need
  • Your success in one specific niche will attract clients including the opportunities to photograph other niche subjects

How to Find Your Niche?

  • The first progress towards finding your specific niche is actually shooting diverse subjects
  • Pay attention to your likes and dislikes while you are working
  • Examine the time, place and people that inspire you the most or least
  • Learn about your favorite artists and their work
  • Discover your unique sub-niche
  • Learn about your personality and strengths

Fun Quiz to Help You Learn About Your Personality

Where did you take your last selfie


Please share your result with us. Do you think that it’s accurate or is it just for fun? What do you learn from the quiz and does it give you any inspiration?

Top Profitable Niches and Sub-Niches Cheat Sheet

Top Profitable Niches and Sub-Niches Cheat Sheet

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