When Airbrushing Turns Alien: 10 Hilarious Photoshop Fails

When Airbrushing Turns Alien: 10 Hilarious Photoshop Fails

Retouching models can lead to an unattainable standard of beauty–that or an alien standard of beauty. Who needs belly buttons? And extra hands sure can come in handy. These ten images are over-processed to the point of alienation–with rather hilarious results. Check out these ten Photoshop fails below:

Photoshop Disasters missing belly

The Disappearing Belly Button

This ad for a swimsuit on Ebay has airbrushed the model’s skin to perfection–eliminating that little thing called a belly button. Those aren’t necessary anyways, right?

Photoshop Disasters extra hand

The Third Hand

I’m not sure how it’s attached, but either this guy has three hands or there’s a creeper hiding behind his wife.

Photoshop Disasters

The Semi-Detached Foot

Apparently, this “more fluid look” is achieved through this season’s latest fashion, semi-detached feet.

Photoshop Disasters half pants

Half Pants

I sure hope she got these pants for half price. Then again, exactly how do they get these sort of images? Do they photograph the model naked first to add the pants later?

Photoshop Disasters phantom hand

The Phantom Hand

I have no idea what this ad says, but I’m quite sure that if this product makes me lose half my arm, I’m not trying it. Then again, it’s apparently given him the ability to make the pan magically float in mid-air…

Photoshop Disasters big head

The Big Head

There’s plenty of Photoshop fails that enlarge the model’s head. Which raises the question, is this really attractive?

Photoshop Disasters stretchy hand

The Rubber, Super Stretchy Hand

Perhaps the designer for this breathalyzer ad should have paced himself a little more?

Photoshop Disasters super waist

The Super Waist

I know, I know, most images make models even slimmer then they are in real life, but when even Lady Gaga says her own waist is just way to retouched, they’ve gone too far.

Photoshop Disasters super skinny

The Super-Skinny Giant

Forget about the big head, does anyone really have legs and arm that long, or does this photo just stretch way to far?

Photoshop Disasters twin

The Impossible Twin

Seriously, there are no words. What sort of Photoshop process could create and forget about this kid’s twin?

For even more reasons to avoid extreme retouching or to submit your own, head over to Photoshop Disaster.

Source: Photoshop Disasters