It’s embarrassing that it took me so long to figure out how to use the manual focus correctly. The experience was exactly like the first day I wore my contact lenses and realized that the world was much clearer than I thought.

Drop of Water
DSLR’s If you long to take a photo like this crystal-clear drop of dew, you should not waste your DSLR’s manual focus mode. Once you grasp this technique, you will be addicted since your photos will take a great leap forward and be 10 times better.

Capturing a highly focused subtle macro picture is only one of the reasons that you should switch from autofocus to manual focus.

Master the Skill in Minutes by Watching

You don’t need to go through my trial and error process. The most time-saving and effective short-cut to learn and master manual focus skill is watching 3 short videos I have carefully chosen for you, because when we are talking about focus, words and even images can become weak.

I have watched quite a few videos on manual focus and have hand-picked the best and most effective ones for you, length from only 2 minutes 42 seconds to 16 minutes 20 seconds in total. The most important criterion of a functional video is that it shows you exactly what you will see through the lens when you use manual focus.

Sit down, relax, watch and practice. What took me a month (embarrassing) to figure out will only take you less than half an hour to master.

Short and Aesthetic with Captions and Music

Personal and Authentic with Concrete Comparisons

Every time this guy tried to manually focus his camera app, he screwed it up. He was afraid of manual focus because he never got it right. But he’s no longer afraid and he not only shows you how to avoid screwing up your manual focus but he also elaborates it in great detail. In addition, he explains the situations when manual focus outperforms autofocus with his own actual examples.

Manual Focus on Different Subjects within the Same Frame

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